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From the participants of the Grow Your Own Produce Workshop Series....

"This series helped my garden to flourish in a way it hasn't before. My depth of understanding of individual plants and my backyard ecosystem grew as a result of the wealth of experience and knowledge Marisha shared. Thank you!" ~ Meredith Tufts, Eugene, OR, 2021

"I truly love learning from Marisha. She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding making the most of an urban space for growing food and supporting nature and the Earth while doing so. I loved this class so much!" ~ Amber Votel, Portland, OR, 2021

"This class has been everything I had hoped and more. I feel like so many gaps in my gardening knowledge have been filled and I have so many resources from this class to aid in my garden planning, improving my soil health, setting up a better compost system....and the list goes on. The monthly to do lists were especially helpful to this newbie gardener and I feel like I have a great step-by-step plan from them to ensure I am doing what I need to do for my garden to thrive. So thankful for this class!!"  ~ Jen Hazen, Beavercreek, OR, 2021

"Marisha is a wonderful teacher who is able to convey deep, ecological knowledge while also teaching you how to maximize your food production. She can shape a simple question from a student about a plant into a participatory learning journey that deepens your knowledge about the plant's relationship to wildlife, water, sun, moon, seasons and soil - and to you, the gardener." ~ Dawn Smallman, Gaston, OR, 2021

"Marisha’s enthusiasm for growing food is infectious and an inspiration!" ~ Christy Nieto, Bellingham, WA, 2021

"Marisha Auerbach has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share her Permaculture/ecological gardening experience with others. I have learned more from her classes than any other permaculture online classes I have taken. I would recommend her classes to anyone is interested in gardening in a more ecologically friendly and productive way." ~ Gabrielle Chadowitz, Eugene, OR, 2021

"Marisha was super responsive to any questions that arose, and always offered a number of different helpful ideas when I was struggling to meet my garden goals." ~ Sue Preneta, Portland, OR, 2021

"This class was everything I needed this first year in my gardening journey. I will definitely take it every year! It’s an ocean of information, and lots of problem solving. I loved the online format because it fitted my schedule perfectly. I loved Marisha! Her teaching is easy to follow and very eye opening while her passion for gardening and plants is contagious! 😊" ~ Alina Brack, Pleasanton,California, 2021

"I'm really grateful for this series. It transformed my relationship with my garden. It has brought it 'nearer' to me; made my garden 'my size'. It has helped me feel more confident about what to do when during the unfolding of the year; to notice what is happening and so come to find a way to meet whatever is happening."  
                                                                                           ~ Elysa Foxman, 2019
"I highly recommend Marisha Auerbach's Grow Your Own Food series to learn how to grow fresh, nutrient-dense foods and decrease your carbon footprint! She is a wealth of knowledge! "       ~ Deidre Schuetz, 2019

"Marisha Auerbach's extensive knowledge and ability to share her experience in using permaculture to sustainably grow food in the city motivated me to grow a bountiful garden of edible plants. The monthly classes helped me maintain my focus and inspired me. During the March class, she asked us how many people were planning to grow peas? Only a few people raised their hands. She told all of us the many good reasons we should be growing peas, so I planted some! Inspired."         ~Ana Helena, 2019

"I learned tons from and had a lot of fun participating in the Grow Your Own Produce Workshop Series. Marisha is a wealth of knowledge and shares in a way that is inspiring and confidence boosting for the participants. I had more fun in my garden this year than I ever have and had a lot of success with growing various vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Marisha teaches a lot of tangible information while making it approachable and flexible for all. I didn't feel like there were strict rules to follow and was excited to take what I learned from the series and apply them in ways that felt fun and applicable for me. I highly recommend this series and working with Marisha in any way that you are able!"          ~ Margaret Goyette, 2019

"Marisha has an incredible wealth of knowledge in permaculture. She lives, eats, and breathes her trade. In addition she is a clear teacher when she shares her knowledge. She started as a non-gardener so she knows about what it takes to really learn everything from ground zero."   ~ Catherine Rose, 2018
"I am so grateful to have begun this work . I feel like I've begun to work 'with' my garden instead of 'managing' some external object. We are cultivating a relationship together. Thank you so much!"  ~ Elysa Foxman, 2018

"What impressed me most about Marisha's classes was the information was presented in both a class and field-trip format that gave us a full experience of what to expect when we planted various perennials and trees. Also Marisha has a global method of teaching that seems to fit the full spectrum of the skill and knowledge of the gardening students--from beginner to master gardeners. We all had a great time." ~ Teetle Clawson, 2018
"Marisha is a passionate, knowledgeable teacher who cares about our community and the ability of people in it to be able to nurture their families through home grown foods. Her emphasis on plants suited to our region and use of sustainable growing techniques through permaculture is a timely topic for gardeners across Portland and beyond."     ~ Andrea Herrst, 2017

"I signed up for the series. I loved how I received a list of what needs to be done for the month. I learned a lot from this class. Marisha is a very approachable teacher and has a vast knowledge of permaculture gardening and techniques. I would take it again and highly recommend the series."     ~ BeCe Kidder, 2017
"I'm new to permaculture and these classes were the perfect introduction. Each class gave me exactly what I needed for that part of the season to prepare my yard for maximum growth and yield. An excellent crash course in the science and art of permaculture! "     ~ Andrew Williamson

"In 2013 I participated in the Grow Your Own Produce workshop series with permaculture instructor Marisha Auerbach. I joined the workshop series to expand my knowledge about gardening and obtain first-hand guidance in regards to the design, creation, maintenance, and harvesting of backyard vegetable garden. As an amateur gardener delving into his first vegetable gardening experience I had a lot to learn (and unlearn).

The classes were well organized, and I felt comfortable asking questions both during and outside of workshop. Marisha is incredibly knowledgeable about growing food in the Pacific Northwest.  Marisha is passionate and curious about growing food, as is evident by her thriving home garden, and  her enthusiasm for mindful cultivation of fresh, healthy and local food was inspiring to me.

My garden in 2013 was relatively successful! I stewarded a bumper crop of snap peas, and was successful in growing chard, kale, shallots, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, and cardoon.  My personal goals of not killing everything I planted and wanting to plant a garden next year were achieved!"    ~ Christopher Kochiss


Grow Your Own Produce

Our Permaculture Design Course participants say....
"I loved, LOVED this class so much. I’ve truly gained so much knowledge and ambition through each week. I’m moving onto a farm from the city (apartment where I currently reside) in two weeks with a group of 4 people; we are all likeminded city kids with common experiences and working knowledge of farming and diy lifestyles. I have been left in charge of designing the layout of the land and the gardens, so this is my next HUGE endeavor. We are planning on getting chickens, goats, and we already have 3 beehives. We are even going to be installing rain barrels. I feel like I have a lot of good ideas brought forth from you and Marisha that I can share with my roommates and put into play what I’ve learned from this course. So, thank you for an excellent semester."      ~ Stephanie, MD
" I am loving how each week I am having so many moments where I think…”I never thought of that. It’s a great idea that could work.” And everywhere I go I am observing so many possibilities for change. I feel like I am at the beginning of my college experience, instead of 20 plus years past it. There are many ideas I want to incorporate as part of my permaculture design, but my challenge is having a small design site and packing it all in."      ~ Jane, CA
" Andrew and all of his instructors were incredible. They are extremely hardworking, knowledgeable, and kind, and each put in a significant amount of effort to help each involved student understand, learn, and therefore grow. I was very impressed with the research that has gone into creating and maintaining this course and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in the effort. I end this course feeling inspired, more knowledgeable, and ready to take on the principles I learned about. I'm genuinely grateful, thank you!"        ~ Stacy Fox

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