Plants in our Nursery in May

Marisha's Plant Nursery

Our next plant sale is on Sunday, June 20!  

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We are taking orders by email and offer a contact free pickup.

Mission Statement:  Our nursery provides healthy, vibrant, and bioregionally appropriate plants and educational materials to empower gardeners to tend to the land while harvesting yields for their households and enhancing ecological resilience through biodiversity and local production. 

Our neighborhood scale permaculture plant nursery offers both common and unique varieties of plants that have been bred to thrive in our climate and provide reliable yields. 

We offer:

* Medicinal and Culinary Herbs

* Vegetable Varieties for our bioregion

* Berries

* Edible Flowers

* Pollinator attracting Plants

* Plants for enhancing Soil Fertility

* Plants for Wildlife

* Native Plants

* and unique cultural varieties....



Our nursery offers plants between the Spring Equinox through the Autumnal Equinox.  Plants are available by order for a contact free pickup during the pandemic.  

Stay safe, stay home, and focus your energy on the best garden ever!



Marisha with a customer at a plant sale
Example of our Veggie Starts CSA Nursery Package

Our Plants

Our nursery focuses on plants that have been proven to produce well in our climate.  We grow our plants ourselves, either from seed, cuttings, or division. We use compost, seaweed, and compost teas to support soil fertility in our nursery. We are not officially certified organic, but we only use organic methods to grow our plants. 

We use only seeds that we have saved ourselves or seed that comes from seed companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

We specialize in rare and unique varieties of multifunctional plants. Our plants offer yields for humans as well as ecosystem functions.  We offer many medicinal plants, perennial vegetables, plants for pollinators, culinary herbs, and edible flowers.

Our vegetable varieties are selected for their beauty and reliability.  We grow most of our own food in our yard throughout the year and our nursery selections are designed to extend our experience to your garden.


Plant Packages

Plant Packages are sold out for 2021.

Please order plants off our nursery list

Whether you would like to grow a garden to feed your family, add edible flowers to your diet, cultivate medicinal and culinary herbs, or increase the habitat in your garden for pollinators, we offer various garden packages of plants to help you meet your goals for the growing season. 

If you don't have a garden space, we can pot up your plants in large containers with ample soil and fertilizer to last throughout the growing season.  The price varies, based on your plant choices and the size of the container.  Contact us to learn more. 

Veggie Starts CSA Package

Veggie Starts CSA

Each month, we provide the plants you need for a year round harvest.

$220 full share / $110 half share

Nasturtiums are tasty edible flowers!

Edible Flowers

A delightful package of edible flower plants for beautiful meals. $60 full share / $30 half share

july 2018 persimmon guild.jpg

Guild Package

A community of plants to grow under your fruit tree.

$70 full share, no half shares

Culinary Herbs

Culinary Herbs

A collection of culinary herb plants to enhance your cooking. $70 full share / $35 half share

Pollinator on a Giant Scabiosa flower

Pollinator Plants

An extended season of flowers to provide pollinator habitat.

$100 full share / $50 half share

_perennial kale.JPG

Perennial Veggies

Perennial vegetables will produce food year after year.

$60 full share / $30 half share

Lettuce!  A great plant for the beginning gardener.

Beginner's Garden

Easy to grow plants to ensure success for the new gardener.

$50 full share / $25 half share


Native Plants

A collection of Native plants for your landscape. 

$60 full share / $30 half share

Garden grown produce for salsa

Salsa Garden

Dreaming of eating salsa throughout the year?

$50 full share / $25 half share