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Native Plant Package

Are you interested in enhancing habitat by growing more native plants in your yard?  Native plants are easy to grow and are well adapted to our area.  They need minimal water once established and can provide a beautiful sustainable option for your yard.  

$90 full share/$45 half share

Some of the plants that might be included in this package include:  Salmonberry, Thimbleberry, Evergreen Huckleberry, Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, Wood Violet, Blackcap Raspberry, Mock Orange, Indian Plum, Ocean Spray, Elderberry, Oregon grape, Miner's Lettuce, , Pacific Waterleaf, and more. 

Your plants will be a mix of shrubs, herbaceous plants, and ground covers.  They will be in  4" pots, 1 gallon pots, and at least one plant will be a shrub in a 2 gallon pot.    

Plants will be available for pick up in April or May in SE Portland or Olympia, WA.

Indian Plum.JPG
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