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About Us

Our mission is to promote and progress the healing of our planet, through tending to the life systems of the earth for an ecologically rooted human civilization using the Permaculture design system. We encourage regenerative tending of the waters, the soils, and the cultures of our planet with appropriate techniques for the context.  By enhancing the relationships between these elements, we develop sustainable futures.  We are dedicated to the spread of Permaculture, and offer education, design, and media services towards these ends.

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Andrew Millison and Marisha Auerbach have both been practicing permaculture design since 1996.  As members of the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) and the Cascadia Permaculture Institute, they are actively involved in many permaculture projects throughout the Cascadia bioregion.  Together, they offer the Online Permaculture Design Courses at Oregon State University.  Collectively, they have taught over 100 permaculture design courses.  Both Marisha and Andrew are versed in every subject of the permaculture design curriculum.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting a permaculture course in your area. 

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